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Freelancer’s Guide to Worry Free Finances (DIGITAL)


As a freelancer, you’re an entrepreneur – the CEO of your own organization. The full responsibility of your business rests solely on your ability to make and manage your money effectively. The last thing you want to experience is a surprise tax bill, or not being able to make rent, or maybe you want to eat something beyond Ramen noodles!


In this beautiful digital guide, you’ll find simple yet powerful insights, information, and inspiration to help you navigate and manage both your personal and your freelance business finances. Things like how to budget and pay off debt on an irregular income, how to transition into working for yourself full-time, and how to work remotely from anyone in the world without messing up your income or sales tax reporting. Download this and keep it on your iPad, laptop, or even your smartphone. Refer back to it every time you need a quick refresher when invoicing clients, doing accounting, or filing those dreaded taxes.


  • Monthly Budgeting Template
  • Debt Repayment Worksheet


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